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AdviCell™ is Currently the Best
Scientifically Proven Conditioned Media


AdviCell™ is our first commercial product, successfully launched in market earlier this year. It is a conditioned media that consists of a complete ensemble of the native proteins produced by multiple kinds of important human skin cells while growing in their regular culture media. AdviCell™ was created only after CellVi’s years of lab research efforts developing stem cell technology. Unlike many other existing conditioned media, AdviCell™ represents CellVi’s proprietary culturing methods and blend ratios of multiple cell sources. AdviCell™ is currently considered to be the best scientifically proven product among the conditioned media kind. AdviCell™ achieved this status by significantly advancing the current art with a) identification of its entire array of protein/peptide contents and their associated cellular/molecular mechanisms, b) experimental evidences how it rejuvenates aged human skin cells in a growth regulatory manner, c) development of the QC/QA protein markers, and d) the considerable extent of clinical improvements manifested within 30 days’ using AdviCell™ as a sole active ingredient.

Skin Repair

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AdviCell-Human Serum (HS) is the condition media that is available for use in development of specific products for specific needs of the cosmetic industry. The AdviCell-HS™ is devoid of animal serum product and contains human serum product that is US biotech industry certified and tested. This condition media is suitable for use in product development conditions where animal protein cannot be used for specific products. AdviCell-HS™ is prepared custom-order basis to best accommodate your specific experimental needs.


AdviCell-Serum Free (SF) is the condition media that is derived exclusively from multiple specific human skin cells grown in synthetic culture medium and is devoid of animal or human serum products. This product is used for specific needs of the cosmetic industry that requires absence of animal or human serum proteins from the condition media. AdviCell-SF™ is prepared custom-order basis to best accommodate your specific experimental needs.


AdviCell-SynPep™ is developed by integrating different synthetic peptides at specific ratio to have maximum effect on skin cell rejuvenation. The synthetic peptides products are highly purified sequences that mimic the native proteins present in the condition media, with their ability to bind and stimulate specific receptors for well-being of the cells and their growth. This specific product of synthetic peptides is suitable for use under regulatory guide lines that prohibit use of human cell derived products. AdviCell-SynPep™ is prepared custom-order basis to best accommodate your specific experimental needs.

Human Primary Neonatal Fibroblast Cells (HPNFC™)

Human primary fibroblast cells derived from neonatal skin are available for scientific studies. Fibroblast cells of early passage are available in culture flask as ongoing culture or in frozen condition for future studies. These cells are also available as immortalized/stable cell lines transduced with vectors for expression of proteins for immortalization and the immortalized cells are selected in presence of specific antibiotics. HPNFC™ is prepared custom-order basis to best accommodate your specific experimental needs.

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