CellVi BioScience focuses on improving human health by developing products and methods to overcome age related conditions and rejuvenate the body for healthy living.


As our life expectancy has markedly increased over the past century and continues to be on the rise, so has the demand for novel commodities to enhance general health and physical appearance towards a better quality of life. This niche industry is where CellVi BioScience has ambition to become a leader. Currently a majority of company efforts center around scientific research and development in stem cell technology, which can be applied to cosmetics and skin care products, wound healing, pain management and anti-cancer effects. CellVi BioScience is developing innovative stem cell based proprietary products and technologies for their application in the care of people who desire the most ingenious approaches to improve life conditions. CellVi BioScience specifically aims to engineer cell- free or cell- based reagents that can be used toward producing distinctive formulations for the applicable markets.


Our Science Team

A team of CellVi’s highly qualified scientists,
headed by Drs. Juliana Barba and Saroj Basak,
are performing R&D, and accompanying
laboratory work to validate our products.

Juliana O. Barba, Ph.D.

Dr. Barba received her Ph.D. in Cancer Molecular Biology from UCLA School of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology. Dr. Barba remained in the Department of Medicine at UCLA, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, for the next 14 years. She began as a Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Faculty, and finally as an Assistant Professor for the last 6 years before her entrepreneurial spirit led Dr. Barba to pursue a career in the biotech industry. While working at UCLA, her research focused on developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics for lung cancer resulting in the three U.S. Patents as Dr. Barba as a lead inventor. Also she was very passionate & prolific in educating pre-med undergraduates and medical students with cancer biology theories and laboratory experiments. During her academic stay, Dr. Barba received numerous prestigious awards and grants including UCLA Chancellor’s Fellowship, Susan G. Komen Fellowship, American Association for Cancer Research Scholar, American Lung Association, and National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Barba’s first industry experience was at a biotech which pioneered in diagnosing genetic based diseases employing Next Generation Sequencing Technology. Subsequently Dr. Barba served as a CEO and Chief Science Officer at a clinical diagnostics laboratory centering on biochemical assays to diagnose rare, hereditary genetic diseases, a spin-off company from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. With 25 years of combined experience in academic and industry research, Dr. Barba is well poised to lead CellVi BioScience’s Research & Development, further, grow the company to a global scale bio-pharmaceutical biotech. At CellVi BioScience, Dr. Barba is envisioning a bottom-up strategy, beginning with the stem cell technology applied to topical skin care products as a prototype which is to be extended to dermatological therapeutics, then eventually to developing novel cancer therapeutics/diagnostics serving the world population. Dr. Barba has expertise in a broad range of biomedical subspecialties which include Pathology, Microscopy, Immunology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Tumor Biology, Trangenic Animal Model, Next Generation Sequencing based mutation interpretations, and Clinical Diagnostic Assay Development.

Saroj K. Basak, Ph.D.

Dr. Basak obtained his PhD from University of Calcutta, India and has work experience in the field of stem cell biology, cancer, immunology, vaccine development, infectious diseases and immunotherapy of diseases. His experience and expertise in the field of cancer cell biology and vaccination has led to development of new strategies for cancer vaccine development. He has developed technologies for cell based vaccine and therapy for treatment of cancer. He has also developed novel vector system for gene delivery to the immune system and improving vaccination efficiency by lowering anti-vector immune response and improving vaccine specific immune response. His work in the area of lung cancer biology has identified stem cells that give rise to aggressive lung cancer. His further work has shown that these cell has specific micro-rna loss that when replenished can inhibit the lung cancer growth.

He is recipient of several awards and grants such as, Parker B. Francis Award, JCC UCLA award, American Lung Association Grant, Tobacco Related Disease Research Program etc. He has established national and international collaboration with different scientists and institutions.

Dr. Basak has extensive work experience in evaluating the effect of herbal products in diseases such as cancer. His work with Curcumin/Turmuric derived from the root of turmeric plant has shown its efficacy in overcoming drug resistance in preclinical studies of head and neck cancer. Currently these studies have been translated into clinical trials in Head and Neck Cancer Patients.

He is also an expert in tissue culture and his expertise has resulted in establishment of different primary cell lines for stem cell based condition media development. His current research interest is to develop new approaches to enhance skin care treatment specially the damaged or diseased skin that can improve the lives of people suffering from diseased skin.

Our Business
Development Team

CellVi’s business development team
is headed by Mr. Mark Palumbo.

Mark Palumbo

Mr. Palumbo holds a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Rhode Island conferred in 1981. Directly after college his original career track landed him in the aerospace industry with Hughes Aircraft and the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, RI. Adding relevant understanding of electrical signal development and transmittance to a Biology background he continued with a career change to life sciences. After working in outside sales for DuPont Pharmaceuticals he advanced to a position designed to develop contract manufacturing business in an established pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Long Island, NY. Mr. Palumbo began his career in cosmetics and personal care in 1990. Due to advancements in holistic medical practices and a desire to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit he proceeded to learn this new industry first as regional manager and later as a Global Sales Director.

Armed with experiences including directed efforts at the global marketplace, manufacturing, advancements to human biology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and design, signal creation and transduction and direct contact with the global marketplace for cosmetics and personal care Mr. Palumbo set about building his first Company, DIOW Products in 1999. DIOW collaborated with research organizations to develop a product line under its label for sale to the cosmetic industry. DIOW was sold in in 2006 and led to the start of what has become three new companies. With an initial creation of a agency alliance with a strong technology portfolio he added two research based technology driven manufacturing companies for the cosmetics industry and further for health therapies. CellVi Bioscience being one of the companies and Ventana Biological the other. The advent of synergistic biotechnologies advanced this design and today one and two years after inception both companies have established individual revenue streams and a robust product pipeline. CellVi uses tissue culture technology to develop commercial product for treating conditions in addition to personal care targets as described on the home page. Ventana is focused on enhancing the performance of materials with novel delivery methods.