Our Scientific and
Laboratory Services

Providing Services to Assist Your
Bioscience Related Tasks

CellVi’s network of experienced scientists with a broad expertise in biotechnology provides the following customized services according to your need. Each service is designed to best satisfy your particular scientific and technical needs. We recognize that in many circumstances it is much more economical and efficient ways to “hire or work with” the best capable hands already equipped with top-notch machinery and technology. Contact us today to further inquire about how we can assist your projects and specific experimental needs.

Cell/Tissue Culture Studies

Cell/tissue culture experiments can lead to great havoc due to contamination concerns unless handled by experienced trained hands. CellVi’s seasoned cell biologists are equipped to perform different types of cell biology experiments including gene transfection, stable cell line generation, and cell growth assays. These in vitro techniques and assays are important for drug development and discovery.

In Vivo Animal/Preclinial Studies

To many biomedical researchers, preclinical animal testing can be a daunting task, but absolutely essential to advance to a next level of product development and therapeutic validation. CellVi’s skillful animal specialists have access to certified facility where your experimental animals can be maintained under strict guideline of Animal Welfare Act. Cell lines of your need can be injected into animal to measure growth pattern over an extended period of time, or biochemical moiety can be injected intravenously to test its effects on particular physiology of animal.

Protein Based Assays

Protein molecules are prone to degradation and require tactful and competent handling. CellVi’s expert protein chemists can perform quantification of your special need proteins using different assay systems. Measuring functional activity of proteins demands even more, in-depth knowledge of the specific protein species and elaborate experimental strategy. CellVi’s protein biochemists are ready to assist you in customized protocol and experimental design to hands-on laboratory work.

Special Educational Courses

Do you have a group of employees or students who need to review fundamental concepts/knowledge of biology, chemistry, or human anatomy & physiology in preparation of their upcoming certification course? CellVi provides customized biological science training sessions to people to enhance their scientific knowledge who wants to educate themselves to current advanced scientific concept and thinking process.